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These are the simplest systems and the most cost effective to install.  In addition to that, systems will have a return of investment for about 3-4 yrs. 

Most households are classified as grid-tied consumers because they depend on the existing grid. 

On grid-tied system, they can send excess energy generated back to the grid when they are over generating so it can be stored and use for later use.


A commercial/industrial solar system could pay huge dividends. 

You’ll have more control over your energy bill and it will be less susceptible to unpredictable yet inevitable energy rate hikes. 

By utilizing renewable energy (RE) as a source of your electricity, it will significantly lessen your electric bill and increase your monthly savings.


Solar farms are also known as solar parks and solar power stations. 

They operate as power plants, just like a natural gas power plant or other sources of energy generation that have generated electricity for consumers. 

This type of energy source will reduce carbon emission and other wastes that causes a detrimental effect in our environment.

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