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Enuden Solar Energy is an overseas branch of Nden Co., Ltd., a Japanese company with more than 30 years of experience focused on providing renovation centering on ecology and general homes.

We are known for establishing electrical equipment construction to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). We provide and supply energy solutions globally in a safe and environmentally conscious means for the protection and development of our environment.


We, at Enuden Solar Energy aim to provide solar energy solutions for household, commercial and solar farms tailored and personalized for each of our customer’s needs and preferences while ensuring commitment to environmental laws, regulations, and policies.


At Enuden Solar Energy, we strive to be a world leading innovated and integrated solar company known globally by upholding commercial integrity, unrivalled resources, operational excellence and perceptive mindfulness to our society and environment


We, at Enuden Solar Energy embody teamwork, commitment to customers, continuous innovation, communication, integrity and trust. We also recognize the value of educating our community about the benefits of choosing renewable energy and the urgency of action entailed to work through a common goal – save the Earth.

Enuden Solar Energy pushes boundaries to mitigate global warming and its related effects by providing and promoting an option to choose renewable energy, specifically solar energy as a main source of our electricity.

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